Little Leroy

Little Leroy went to his mother demanding a new bicycle. His mother decided that he should take a look at himself and the way he acts. She said, "Well Leroy, it isn't Christmas and we don't have the money to just go out and buy you a new bike. So why don't you write a letter to Jesus and pray for one instead." More..

After his temper tantrum his mother sent him to his room. He finally sat down to write a letter to Jesus. More..

It said "Dear Jesus, I've been a good boy this year and would appreciate a new bicycle. Your Friend, Leroy" More..

It said "Now Leroy knew that Jesus really knew what kind of boy he was (a BRAT!), so, he ripped up the letter and decided to give it another try. More..











'The 25 worst passwords of 2013: 'password' gets dethroned

“123456” is finally getting some time in the spotlight as the world's worst password, after spending years in the shadow of “password.”

Security firm Splashdata, which every year compiles a list of the most common stolen passwords, found that “123456” moved into the number one slot in 2013. Previously, “password” had dominated the rankings. More..

Technical Definitions

Need to know what MTBF means or what is a yottabyte? Exactly what is activex? The Ace of Technology blog has a series of technical definitions on its blog for the technical newbie as well as those who need a concise definition. New technical definitions are added weekly on Wednesdays. For the technical definition category of the blog click here.

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